Manage Charts

  1. Abortion by Gestation 1974-2013 (USA)  
  2. Abortion by Gestation 2010-2020 (USA)  
  3. Abortion Incidences (USA)  
  4. Abortion Rate per 1000 women (Canada)  
  5. Abortion Rates (Per 1,000) by Race in USA  
  6. Abortion Rates (USA)  
  7. Aggravated Assault Rates (USA)  
  8. Annual Household Income (USA)  
  9. Average Weekly Earnings by Sex, Race (USA)  
  10. Birth Rate vs Death Rate (USA)  
  11. CPI USA  
  12. Deaths by Abortion (Legal Status in USA)  
  13. Earnings vs Inflation (USA)  
  14. Hate Crime Offenders (USA)  
  15. Hate Crime Victims, Race (USA)  
  16. Home Ownership by Sex & Age (USA)  
  17. Homeownership (USA by State)  
  18. Homeownership by Race & Ethnicity (USA)  
  19. Homicide Rates (World)  
  20. Homicide Rates in United States  
  21. Household Income (World)  
  22. Infant Mortality Rate (United States)  
  23. Inflation Rate (Canada, monthly)  
  24. Inflation Rate (Canada)  
  25. Leading causes of death, by sex, race  
  26. Life Expectancy (USA by Race and Sex)  
  27. Number of Abortions (Canada)  
  28. Officers Feloniously Killed, Offender Race (USA)  
  29. Officers Feloniously Killed, Offender Race Proportion (USA)  
  30. Oil and Gas Index (USA)  
  31. Oil and Gas Percent Change (USA)  
  32. Population by State (USA)  
  33. Population Change (USA Census)  
  34. Population Proportion Change (USA)  
  35. Rape Rates USA  
  36. Robbery Rates in the United States (by state)  
  37. Sector Output for Mining Index (USA)  
  38. Sectoral Output for Mining Percent Change (USA)  
  39. Suicide Rate by Sex, Race (USA)  
  40. Suicide Rate Proportion by Sex (USA)  
  41. Unemployment Rate USA  
  42. Unemployment Rate, by province (Canada)  
  43. United States Average Hourly Earnings  
  44. United States Inflation  
  45. Voter Registration by Race, Gender, Ethnicity (USA)  
  46. Voter Registration by State (USA)  
  47. Voter Turnout by Race, Gender, Ethnicity (USA)  
  48. Voter Turnout by State (USA)